Artist Layne Arguimbau grinds his own pigments from powders, makes his own grounds of gesso for panels and lead grounds for canvas. He cooks his own oil-resinous mediums in the tradition of the Flemish Masters from 1450 to the 1650, presently using extremely hard amber, sandarac and rosin varnishes. Painting in a traditional north light studio, He is a light effect painter with deep luminous transparencies, all of which give his paintings a rich old world quality.

Layne paints a variety of subject matter, specializing in marines and classic yachts. His commissions include portraits of yachts, views, portraits, animals. Commissions are all subject to an approved oil study, a visual contract, prior to the start of any painting, for reassurance for the client as well as a fixed objective for the artist. 
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"The Point"                           Oil on Board                                      31"x43"
"Brandt Point"                             Oil on Board                                  21"x33"
"Sovereign of the Seas"                          Oil on Panel                                               38"x48"
"Moonlight Seaport"                               Oil on Canvas                                            30"x36"
"Cross Tacks"                                  Oil on Canvas                                      31"x37"
"Precious Moonlight"                               Oil on Canvas                                              31"x37"
"Brooklyn Bridge"                                           Oil on Canvas                                                 19"x26"
"Moonlight"                                                  Oil on Canvas                                                    12"x15"
Layne Arguimbau