"Bedroom Roses"                      Oil on Canvas                               34"x38"
"Dozen Roses"                                  Oil on Canvas                                           27"x27" 
"Roses and Brass"                                        Oil on Canvas                                                   18"x20"
"Young Thoughts"                                    Oil on Canvas                                        16"x19"
American Impressionist
Rosanne is the recipient of numerous National Awards and her paintings have been featured in Southwest Artist Magazine. The artist's work is found in collections throughout the world.

Artist's Statement
Art is part, if not whole, of who I am. It is my oxygen - it's why I'm eager to awaken from my warm bed to face painting outside on a freezing day. It takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me on a daily basis. It is my friend and at times a frustrating foe. It is the spouse that I would never divorce. My undying passion does not get old and will remain with me until my last breath.
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"Hydrangeas in a Milk Jug"             Oil on Canvas                     24"x30"
"Old House in Spring"                        Oil on Canvas                                21"x18"
"Five Peonies"             Oil on Canvas                     23"x27"
"I Love Peonies"                    Oil on Canvas                            29"x29"
"Red, White, and Blue"      Oil on Canvas            32"x38"