Gallery Artist :: Cindy Procious
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​Cindy Procious, born in 1965, is a contemporary American Realist painter. Recognized for her highly detailed paintings executed in the time-honored techniques of the Old Masters, her work is crafted with elaborate under paintings and then built upon with layers of glazes and color – the final effect is both intricate and delicate. With a keen eye for color, composition and light, her paintings are a blend of a devout appreciation for artistic tradition and a contemporary aesthetic sensibility.

A member of the American Society of Portrait Artists & Oil Painters of America, and the mother of three, Procious is married to Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett. 
"Sushi and Sake"                                    Oil on Canvas                                           20"x27"
"Medley of Onions"                                      Oil on Canvas                                                    17"x27"
"Just Shucked 1"                                       Oil on Canvas                                                 10"x13"
"Just Shucked 2"                                          Oil on Canvas                                                     10"x13"