"Messing About" Oil on Panel      20"x30"
"Heading to the Mark" Oil on Panel 16"x20"
"Beetle Cat Tacking" Oil on Panel      11"x14"
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Dimetrious Athas, a native of Salem, Massachusetts studied at University of California – Berkeley specializing in commercial design and illustration, but his love of boats and the sea soon led him to painting. In 1976 Athas switched his medium to painting with oils painting luminous realistic scenes of catboats, sloops and schooners – the remaining splendors of sail – which he feels records their beauty for future generations. Each season Dimetrious participates in many races so that he can accurately portray each race. The final intention is to bring to the viewer the feel of wind in the sails and the drama of the seas. 

Athas is a board member of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MARINE ARTISTS and was a past vice-president of INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MARINE PAINTERS. Images of his paintings have been reproduced in 2000 thru 2005 “Art of the Sea” calendar – National Maritime Historical Society, Cover of the Friendship Sloop Society’s yearbook 2000, “Sea Classics”, “American Art Review”, “Antiques and Fine Art”, “Down East”, “Marine Boats and Harbors”, “A Gallery of Marine Art” by Rockport Publishing and “Bound For Blue Water” by Greenwich Workshop. Dimetrious Athas is now among a select few marine artists included in the American Art Museum Library at the Smithsonian Institution.

"America, circa 1880" Oil on Panel 18"x24"
"Cape Cats" Oil on Panel      11"x14"
"The Chase Is On" Oil on Panel  18"x24"