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Working from a detailed pencil sketch, Allan Hall uses oil paints against a linen canvas or masonite board to develop his three-dimensional images of vibrant color. The images are so realistic that they appear to jump off of the canvas. Hall completes the process with a technique called "glazing", which gives his paintings their characteristic luminescence. Hall's still lifes include personal objects from his own life. Many of his still lifes incorporate flowers from his wife's gardens, antiques from his family's collection, and backgrounds from his numerous travels to Italy and France. An artist for many years, Allan's background includes a commission from Yankee Magazine, several years of apprenticeship under James Aponovich, and numerous gallery exhibitions. Allan's original paintings and prints are included in private collections nationwide. Allan's first print, The Toy Store, has been enthusiastically received by the art collectors' community. Born in Burlington, VT 1962.
"Retro Red"                              Oil on Canvas                                                32"x42"
"Sweet Wrappings"                                         Oil on Canvas                                                  40"x40"
"Just Washed"                                               Oil on Canvas                                                   30"x36"
"Twelve Pack"                                                Oil on Canvas                                            45" x 31"
"Rescue I"                                Oil on Canvas                            49" x 33"
"Rescue II"                                                 Oil on Canvas                                    31" x 41"