"Winter Vine with Orange" Oil on Panel      8"x14"
"Plums, Peach, and Silver"Oil on Panel 12"x22"
"Adirondack Jug" Oil on Panel      16"x30"
"Lilacs"     Oil on Panel      9"x12"
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Katherine Ann Hartley began her artistic studies at Scottsdale Community College. She then studied with John Court in Arizona and Portugal. Solitude, along with Court's instruction, allowed Hartley to focus on, and begin to understand the abstract qualities of light and shadow. At the recommendation of Court, she moved to NYC to study with David Leffel at the Art Students League, and at his studio.

Hartley's paintings are not attempts at exact renderings of the elements before her. With the use of obvious brush strokes and exposing the delicate under painting, she purposefully stops short of photo-realism. Her paintings depict familiar objects and serve to remind us of the beautiful harmonies that can be evoked by simple groupings of everyday things.

“I was raised on Cape Cod, and in June 1996, I moved back to the Cape and have set up a studio in our old family home. I have a North light window and the added attractions of the beach, a perennial garden gone wild, the relics of an old orchard, and collections of artifacts and antiques from past generations. I want my paintings to be timeless, evocative, and decorative. For subjects I choose old silver, iron, clay, or pewter pots and bowls from other eras, which have survived because of their intrinsic elegance and utility. I mingle these with drift wood, old bottles, or things I might find on a walk such as rose hips, choke cherries, money plants, privit or bay berries – things from nature with rich, deep colors and translucent light.”

Hartley is affiliated with Allied Artist of America, Oil Painters of America  and is a life time member of the Art Students League and is the recipient of many awards. She is currently teaching Still Life painting at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and was featured in the Jan. 2007 issue of American Artist magazine.