"Mignon" Oil on Canvas  24"x36"
"The Locket" Oil on Canvas      24"x30"
"Woman with a Lute" Oil on Canvas 9"x12"
"The Arrangement" Oil on Canvas 8"x10"
"Apples, Grapes, and Wine" Oil on Canvas 8"x8"
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“I began my career primarily as a still life painter, joining the Copley Society at the age of 26. In these early years I was influenced by the French painter Chardin and the painters of the Dutch School. The art of still life, with it's important lessons in light, composition and draftsmanship, provided a solid foundation for my later work as a portrait artist. 

My transition to figurative work evolved slowly as I embarked on a course of self study which included the works of Boston School painters such as Benson, Tarbell, and Paxton. I was inspired by their classically rendered figures, carefully planned compositions, and their skill in creating atmosphere through light and shadow. 

Today I maintain a studio and private gallery at my home in Norwell, Massachusetts where I paint portraits, figurative works, and still lifes.” Her commissioned works include posthumous portraits from photos and “ancestral portraits” from turn of the century photography. Her best-known posthumous works is a memorial portrait of John F. Kennedy Jr., which is now on view as part of the permanent collection of the J.F.K. Family Museum in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

"Niche with Wine and Grapes"      Oil on Canvas          20"x24"