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With summers spent as a child and now as an adult on Cape Cod, coupled with over a decade of sailing and navigating the waters of New England, Jim Magner's lifelong love for the ocean and its ever-changing moods enables him to create vibrant, energy filled marine paintings in both oil and watercolor.

Having graduated from the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Jim continued professional study at both the University of Harvard Art School and the Boston Institute of Architecture. His great appreciation of both French and American Impressionism provides Jim with the firm foundation of the fundamentals necessary to create his expressive and exceptionally-colorful paintings.  Jim has stated that "I have been fortunate to witness firsthand the many changing faces the ocean presents as the light and water interplay with atmospheric conditions."

A wooden boat enthusiast and a student of the classic American sailing craft, Jim devotes all of his time to painting marine related subjects. He painted, exhibited and was awarded first prize in oil and watercolor competitions throughout the Pacific Region during his military service. Upon leaving the military, Jim continued to paint while beginning a career in graphic design, and has held the position of Art Director for several Fortune 100 companies.
Jim Magner and his family reside in New England, and his artwork is collected by many thoughout the United States and Europe.

"Coastal Dunes"                                            Oil on Canvas                                                    30"x36"
"Hazy Days"                                               Oil on Canvas                                                      30"x54"
"South Beach"                                    Oil on Canvas                                                   30"x42"
"Standing Tall"                                             Oil on Canvas                                                     21"x39"
"Coastal Spirit"                                             Oil on Canvas                                                     26"x46"