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Sophie Montagnon, a French native, studied fashion at Parson's School of Design in New York and ran her own graphic design business while in London. Sophie has always appreciated art in all of its forms and experimented with many media since she was a child. Her work as a sculptor has lead to a new sense of freedom and expression using a multi-dimensional medium to evoke deep emotion. Sophie’s current sculpture collection touches on the delicate balance of work, family, and self; while also highlighting the potential pitfalls of money and success. Her work attempts to unveil the beauty of mankind’s inner soul, which is often hidden by a superficial outer shell. Her unique pieces are open to many different personal interpretations, but they all are meant to bring out individual feelings, opinions and emotions.The texture of nature, which Sophie inhales through daily observations, is incorporated into every piece. Sophie currently studies with Janice Mauro, her mentor. She also draws inspiration from artists such as Baskin, Giacometti, Elie Nadelman, Kiki Smith, Patrick Farro and Henry Moore. 

Sophie Montagnon
"Mermaid"                        Lucite                        25"x7 1/2"x10"
The Dive                            Lucite                                    25"x7"x8 1/2"
Brainstorm                            Lucite                                13"x8 1/2"x9"