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Ronald J. Tinney was born in 1958 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He attended Penn State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He continued his education at Ohio Northern University Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 1983. Ron and his wife Sherry moved to Cape Cod in 1996, where he discovered the thriving art community of the Cape and Islands. He has studied extensively with noted marine artists such as Donald Demers, and Joseph McGurl. Ron paints exclusively in oils and focuses on coastal landscapes and marine scenes. Ron paints on location "en plein air" year round to continue to study nature and provide source material for his larger works. Ron is a past President of the Cape Cod Art Association.

"Passing Through"                         Oil on Canvas                                   15"x30"
"Quiet Beauty"                                   Oil on Canvas                                         15"x30"
"Still and Beautiful"                      Oil on Canvas                                 18"x36"
"The Music of Color"                         Oil on Canvas                                        12"x36"
"The View From The Beach"               Oil on Canvas                                     12"x36"
"Couple of Friends"                                   Oil on Canvas                                                  15"x30"
"Easy Sailing"                                               Oil on Canvas                                                    12"x36"
"Sounds of Color"                   Oil on Canvas                           31"x43"
"Passing Beauty"                          Oil on Canvas                                    25"x44"
"Secluded"                  Oil on Canvas                       33"x39"
"Summer View"                              Oil on Canvas                                         30"x40"
"Filled with Color"                                 Oil on Canvas                                                  21"x45"
"Rhythm of Color"                                       Oil on Canvas                                                     19"x43"