All work is copyrighted ©2018 by Debbie Hearle. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.
"Imagine"                             Oil on Canvas                                30"x50"
"Acorn Street"                                     Oil on Canvas                                     32"x32"
"Bull and Finch"                                     Oil on Canvas                             29"x29"
"Stars and Stripes on Beacon Street"                     Oil on Canvas                                     22"x28"
"Boston Public Garden"                 Oil on Canvas                 16"x20"
"The Skaters"                                     Oil on Canvas                                         16"x20"
"Commonwealth Avenue"                 Watercolor                                12"x16"
"Making Plans"                                            Watercolor                                              12"x16"
"2 Acorn Street"                                Oil on Canvas                               11"x14"
"Boston Public Garden Bridge"                       Oil on Panel                                               12"x16"
"Sunny Side of the Street"                 Oil on Canvas                         22"x28"
"Les Antiques et Les Fleurs"             Oil on Canvas                   24"x36"
"Boston Snow Shower"                  Oil on Canvas                     18"x24"
"Snowbound in the City"                Oil on Canvas                  24"x36"
"Putting on the Ritz"                       Oil on Canvas                         22"x28"
"Boston's Gateway to Heaven"                     Oil on Canvas                         22"x28"
Winter Reflections-Boston Public Garden             Oil on Canvas                       23"x27"
"Welcoming Warmth"                          Oil on Canvas                                      12"x15"
"I'll Be Home for Christmas"                Oil on Canvas                        18 1/2"x23"                    
"City Lights"                               Oil on Canvas                                       12"x14"
"Soho"                                                  Oil on Canvas                                                 12"x14"
"Soho Cafe"                                               Oil on Canvas                                                      12"x14"
"Snow Showers - Midtown"                    Oil on Canvas                                         14"x16"
"Hello Dolly"                                           Oil on Canvas                                         19"x22"
"Balthazar"               Oil on Canvas                    8"x9 1/2"
"Boston Marathon 2018"                    Oil on Canvas                                 22"x25 1/2"
"Boston Skyline"                        Oil on Canvas                            22"x26"
"On the Charles River"                    Oil on Canvas                        10"x20"