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"Elenora Off Great Point"                  Oil on Canvas                              22"x28"
"Bull and the Bear"                          Oil on Canvas                                        30"x40"
"Northern Light"                            Oil on Canvas                                          30"x40"
"Flying Cloud"                           Oil on Canvas                                    24"x30"
"Classics"                                      Oil on Canvas                                         30"x40"
"Figawi 2007, Weatherly, Columbia, and Linley III"             Oil on Canvas           16"x20"
"Governor's Cup Grande Dames"                 Oil on Canvas                          30"x40"
"Sandbaggers at Stepping Stone Light"                  Oil on Canvas                                         20"x30"
"Sandbaggers on Pleasant Bay"                 Oil on Canvas                                              8"x12"
"Sunday Sail Off Brant Point"                           Oil on Canvas                                              14"x30"
"Summer Wind"                                            Oil on Canvas                                                    20"x36"
"Golden Jubilee"                                  Oil on Canvas                                         24"x30"
"Columbia, Livonia, Britannia"                 Oil on Canvas                           18"x24"
"Glisten"                                         Oil on Canvas                                                 32"x43"
"Dockside"                                                  Oil on Canvas                                                      25"x43"
"Tucked In"                                                  Oil on Canvas                                                     32"x44"
"Olde Wharf"                                              Oil on Canvas                                                     28"x36"

"300th Anniversary Sail"                                           Oil on Canvas                                                  27"x43"

"Sailing on Pleasant Bay"                Oil on Canvas                                        22"x25 1/2"
"Island Raft up"                                    Oil on Canvas                                 14"x24"
"Voile"                                        Oil on Canvas                                    31"x55'
  "Ticonderoga"                               Oil on Canvas                                22"x26"
"Figawi Race"                             Oil on Canvas                                19"x23"
"Luau Lights"                                        Oil on Canvas                                                   14"x24"
"Racing Off Stage Harbor"                    Oil on Canvas                    32"x44"
"Joy Ride"                                           Oil on Canvas                                                    14"x24"
"Sunset on the Marsh"                                  Oil on Canvas                                              14"x24"