"All Honor and Glory"                Oil on Canvas                             39"x49" 
Olde Glory Collection
"Chatham Band - Star Spangled"                Oil on Panel                                                 14"x17"
"Olde Glory"                                               Oil on Canvas                                                  23"x27"
"Stars and Stripes"                                      Oil on Canvas                                                40"x43"
"Tattered and Torn But Never Forlorn"                  Oil on Panel                                     13"x17"
"Up and Over Boys!"                                      Oil on Panel                                              16"x19"
"Forever in Peace May She Wave"                   Oil on Panel                                           23"x27"
All work is copyrighted 2017 by Debbie Hearle. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.
"Semper Fi"                                      Oil on Canvas                                         23"x27"
"Anchors Aweigh"                             Oil on Canvas                                          23"x27"
"Homecoming"                                     Oil on Canvas                                              15"x18"
"A Winning Team"                             Oil on Canvas                                              16"x19"
"This We'll Defend"                           Oil on Canvas                                             23"x27"
"80th Regiment"                                          Oil on Canvas                                                14"x16"
"Stage Harbor Yacht Club Burgee"               Oil on Canvas                                        14"x16"
"Park Street School"                                   Oil on Canvas                                                 15"x18"
"Somerset Club"                                        Oil on Canvas                                                  14"x16"
"Union Boat Club"                                      Oil on Canvas                                               14"x16"
"Eastward Ho!"                                         Oil on Canvas                                                   14"x16"
"Bound for Glory"                           Oil on Canvas                                   28"x38"
"Fly, Fight, Win"                          Oil on Canvas                                          23"x27"
"Semper Paratus"                               Oil on Canvas                                       23"x27"
"On Parade"                                     Oil on Canvas                                     33"x45" 
"Colonial Flag"                                  Oil on Canvas                                      23"x27"
"Rest in Peace"                    Oil on Canvas                             14"x24"