"Crow's Pond Boathouse"                                 Oil on Canvas                                               8"x12"
"Boathouse at Scatteree"                                   Oil on Canvas                                        8"x10"
"Misty on Oyster River"                                                    Oil on Canvas                                                                      9"x12"
"Plum Daffy in the Fog"                                               Oil on Canvas                                                                       8"x10"
"Ridgevale Morning"                                                           Oil on Canvas                                                                   9"x12"
"Boston Public Garden Pump House"            Oil on Canvas                                        9"x12"
"Stage Harbor Morning"                                                 Oil on Canvas                                                                       9"x12"
"Let There Be Light"                                    Oil on Canvas                                                 9"x12"
"Reflections"                Oil on Canvas                    6"x8"
"Cotchpinicut Stream"                                                         Oil on Canvas                                                                     6"x12"
All work is copyrighted ©2014 by Debbie Hearle. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.
"Stage Harbor Sunset"                                   Oil on Canvas                                                   8"x10"
"Winter Majesty"                                    Oil on Canvas                                           16"x20"
"Looking Back to Town"                Oil on Canvas                    25"x30"
"Clamming by the Old Coast Guard Station"                Oil on Canvas                19"x22"
"Red Dory"                     Oil on Canvas                10"x16"
"Olde Wharf"                        Oil on Canvas                    11"x19"
"Jenkin's Cranberry Bog"            Oil on Canvas                    13"x15"
"Steeple Chase"                    Oil on Canvas                    14"x16"
"Lagoon"                        Oil on Canvas                    16"x18"
"Summer Surf"                                                Oil on Canvas                                                          42"x24"