To create a family heirloom, please call the artist at her studio for scheduling and pricing details: 508-945-0983
All work is copyrighted ©2014 by Debbie Hearle. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.
"Siblings & Friend" Oil on Canvas 24"x36"
"Hope and Jeremy" Oil on Canvas 24"x36"
"Ryan, Meghan, and Shannon" Oil on Canvas 24"x36"
"Ladies in Wading" Oil on Canvas        18"x24"
"Seven Blessings"                                      Oil on Canvas                                               30"x40"
"Casey, Reilly, & Sadie"                                              Oil on Canvas                                                           22"x28"
"Surfing"                                                 Oil on Canvas                                          24"x36"
"Annie, Claire, William, & Anthony"                    Oil on Canvas                                                       24"x36"
"Annie"                          Oil on Canvas                       12"x16"
"Island Girl"                       Oil on Canvas                               30"x40"
"Alexa"                       Oil on Canvas                           16"x20"
"Raisins in the Surf"                                              Oil on Canvas                                                      31"x43"
"Mutual Admiration"            Oil on Canvas                        22"x26"
"Misses America"                                    Oil on Canvas                                             25"x30"
"Hammond and Alexa"                            Oil on Canvas                            22"x26"