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"The Patriot" Oil on Canvas 24"x36"
"Hydrangeas and Lilacs" Oil on Canvas 22"x28"
"Blue Hydrangeas" Oil on Canvas 22"x28"
"Blanc et Blue" Oil on Canvas      16"x20"
"Red Amaryllis and Hydrangea" Oil on Canvas 16"x20"
"Hydrangea and Friends" Oil on Canvas 22"x28"
"Peony Symphony"             Oil on Canvas                              16"x20"
"Late Summer Hydrangeas" Oil on Canvas 20"x30"
"Lush Peonies"    Oil on Canvas     16"x20"
"Peonies in a Gurgling Cod" Oil on Canvas 16"x20"
"Peonies, Lilacs, and Lilies"     Oil on Canvas                16"x20"
"Peonies and Hydrangeas"                        Oil on Canvas                                        28"x32"
"Peonies on Parade"                            Oil on Canvas                                       18"x24"
"Seaside Symphony"             Oil on Canvas                          23"x27"
"Impressions of June"                      Oil on Canvas                                         18"x26"
Debbie Hearle :: Still Life and Landscape Florals
"A Sumptuous Gathering"                  Oil on Canvas                          22"x26"
"Love's Labor"                                          Oil on Canvas                                                27"x32"
"Poppies by the Sea"                    Oil on Canvas                                25"x43"
"Stillwater Peonies"                    Oil on Canvas                        18"x21"
"Summer Garden"            Oil on Canvas                    18"x21"
"Vintage Garden"                 Oil on Canvas                    18"x21"
"Poppies by the Sea"                             Oil on Canvas                                        27"x33"