John Charles Terelak is recognized as one of America's finest  living impressionists. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he received formal  art instruction at the Vesper George School of Fine Art. Terelak's love  of paint and canvas and his thorough understanding of color theory and  paint technique eventually led him to become Headmaster of the  Gloucester Academy of Fine Art. As demand for his work grew, it  eventually became necessary for John to devote his full energies to the  creation of his own paintings. Since making that decision he has enjoyed  outstanding and continuing success in his career. His professional  career at the easel now spans more than three decades. In addition to  his beautiful work in oil, Terelak is also a master in watercolor and  pastel. He is also a past President of The New England Watercolor  Society. 
While the subject matter of Terelak's paintings is as diverse as the  world in which he lives, the 'Terelak touch' is unmistakable in each of  his works. An intricate system of layered paint and glazing, incredible  use of color, and rich surface texture are hallmarks of his paintings.  He has a gift for observation and the ability to paint with both  freshness and emotion. His paintings may capture the tranquility of an  early spring morning in the Vermont countryside, the beaches of Cape Cod  in the summer, a woman hanging her laundry, the great harbors of New  York, the hustle and bustle of Times Square, or the serenity of the  French countryside. John does a considerable amount of location work. He  loves to set his easel up in the woods and chase the passing light with  his brush and paints. While exercising appropriate creative license, he  documents the beauty of his surroundings and posterity is somewhat the  richer for every canvas he completes. 
Terelak once said, "I've been painting for over twenty-five years, and  after all that time, I still love to paint. I get enormous pleasure just  from the smell of paint and turpentine, from the actual physical  process of mixing paints and applying them to the canvas. I'm a very  intense painter, and I'm certainly a 'messy' painter, but at the same  time I'm also very patient and painstaking. I take a long time with my  paintings, working and reworking them, adding layer after layer of  paint, and glazing the surface again and again. I want the actual  surface of the canvas to have a rich patina, a depth and texture that is  beautiful in its own right, quite independent of the images and colors  involved. Actually, whether I'm painting Monet's garden at three in the  afternoon, or Times Square at three in the morning, the real content of  my work is color and light. What I'm really doing is playing off one  color against another, creating color harmonies that evoke different  moods and feelings. I've been called an American traditionalist and  impressionist, but those are just labels. In fact, the only thing that  really matters is the work itself, and the feelings the work produces." 
The reception Terelak's work has received from serious collectors is  strong evidence that his paintings will be recognized as an important  and permanent part of the best of American fine art created in this  century. His paintings are included in thousands of private and public  collections throughout the United States. Included are the Andrew Mellon  Foundation, Sheraton Corporation, Winthrop Financial Corporation,  Prudential Insurance Company, Bank of Boston, Shawmut Bank, State Street  Bank, Boston, and Sterling-Regal Publishing Company. Included among Mr.  Terelak's private collectors are many prominent persons from the  business world, the entertainment and sports industries, and perhaps  most significantly of all, the art community itself. 
Mr. Terelak has had a number of successful one-man shows. His works have  been included in exhibitions at The National Academy of Design, The  Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Springfield Museum, and The Butler  Museum, among others. 
Gallery Artist :: John C. Terelak

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"New England Tapestry"                                                       Oil on Canvas                                            38"x48"
"Hands Full"                            Oil on Canvas                              37"x47"
"Window Shoppers"                                           Oil on Canvas                                   15"x18"
"Watching the Race"                                          Oil on Canvas                                               14"x17"
"Wild Flowers"                                       Oil on Canvas                                       27"x31"
"Neck and Neck"                                  Oil on Canvas                                          26"x36"
"Nantucket Memories"                             Oil on Canvas                                            37"x47"
"Horseback Riders"                                                Oil on Canvas                                         15"x18"
"Evening Showers"                                        Oil on Canvas                                   39"x49"
"Sister Ships"                                   Oil on Canvas                                             33"x44"
"Night Moves"                    Oil on Canvas                            30"x37"